Sunday, June 01, 2008

As Promised

Some pictures :) We had a wonderful weekend on the Miramichi. We made the trip up to celebrate both dad's (Sunday) and Alex's (Monday) birthdays. The weather didn't cooperate with doing alot of the fun outdoor activities up there (our hike was cut a little short) but it was still a really nice visit. We all went out to see Indiana Jones 4 and loved it. Alex was in seventh heaven. Not only was he getting to see Indy on the big screen, he managed to sit himself inbetween both bags of popcorn and was double fisting it into his mouth ;) Afterwards he added some bling to dad's birthday cake with some jelly beans and kept eyeing the Super Mario cake mom made him. We had a lovely lunch before presents and cake today and then started the trek back home. Weekends go by soo fast up there.

Now on to those pictures...
Mill Hill Bunny Ornament
Paddington modelling the chenille scarf I sewed this month (yes me sew)

Ready for Alex's 8th birthday


Faith Ann said...

I hope Alex has a great birthday!!!!

The bunny is too cute... and what an impressive scarf!

Pumpkin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! Hope you have an awesome day :o)

Wow! That scarf IS SO NICE! WTG you :o)

Lori-Ann said...

Sewed a chinelle scarf?!! I'm intrigued.

Barbara said...

Wishing Alex the best birthday ever!