Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walking in a Warp Speed Winter Wonderland

No matter how organized you are it seems the holidays puts things on warp speed regardless. Thankfully dinner has been premade and in the freezer, we're at cookie overflow and the only time the mixer comes out is when I'm stressed and in need of a diversion (cookies never 'fail', you don't have to frog them, they don't jam up and have bobbin issues on the last part of sewing, perfect)

Santa has thankfully been preserved for this year. Three days after the church incident there were presents under the tree that I'd wrapped for some other people and Alex thought Santa had been by while he's been asleep, phew! In just one week we'll be getting ready to head up to Mom and dad's where I can finally relax and just do some crafty stuff with Alex ;)

Stitching has taken a small hit in the last week, I'm plugging away at Knotted Pine's santa from this years JCS slowly but surely but we've had school concerts to go to, inlaw company on the weekend, stockings to sew, cookie exchanges to bake for, parcels and cards to mail and parties to look forward to. Thankfully it's stitchy night tonight :) I can park my worries and veg.

Alex's school concert was wonderful. He looked so GQ up there in his Old Navy plaid button down and CP cords :) Apparently this is probably the last year I'll get to buy him cool clothes for it as he wants to be in the boys choir and they wear plain white shirts, black bowties, an NB plaid scarf and black pants. I suppose I could buy him a funky argyle sweater for when he sings with his class though ;) The concert had the usual frustrations, I showed up 40 minutes before it started to get a decent seat, and they dwindled pretty darn quickly, the SAHM mother's came in early and 'reserved' seats for their lazy a** husbands who waltz out of work 5 minutes before the show to their perfect seats while people that actually make an effort are forced to stand. I mean they had 300 programs printed for the first show and they were gone 20 minutes before the concert. Then there's the morons who rush the center and stand there so no one behind them can see. I had to army crawl and sit on the floor so I could see and get a video of Alex's performance. Matt couldn't make it and when I was telling him about it his opinion was very true, to the point but I don't know how it would ever fly. They need to do something about the 'extra's'. I think banning them is a bit absurd, I mean Alex would love it if my parents could come once in awhile but you see people bringing an 8 person entourage of uncles, aunts, grandparents and it quickly becomes out of control and parents can't even see their own kids. The situation either needs to be addressed or they need to look at having an additional show besides the two that they already do. Oye.


Barbara said...

Our boys' school has gone too far, regarding crowd control, and only one parent (no siblings, grandparents or other family) can come to a performance. :(

Good luck with all your holiday busy-ness.

Faith Ann said...

Oh phew... glad Santa is still in the picture :)

I checked out the concert video... very cute!! I found a similar thing with DS's preschool concert and that's on a much smaller scale... so I can just imagine how "bad" it is when you get to elementary. I think there should be some seats reserved for parents... and grandparents/extended family can sit at the back

Pumpkin said...

I'm glad I went in tonight! Had a great time and your finishes are just GORGEOUS!

That's great that Alex still believes :o)

Lori-Ann said...

Oh, Katie!! I don't know if the schools will every get it right!

In my thinking, they should have 2 concerts(somehow) so that everyone can get a chance.

I remember that same scenario in K-4. People would stand up in front of you (at their seats!!) Then there was last year that people were noisily & rudely leaving with thier kids (after the kids were done) and the Music teacher was on stage singing a solo. I think that upset me the most.

Do you think people don't know how to act at concerts and theatres? or they just don't care? :(

This year was a bit better for us.