Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mower Power

Omigosh, it worked, it worked! Never thought I'd be soo excited about a lawnmower running. Last year we had soo many problems with it and $$$ in repairs because a particular male household member did not winterize the beast (yes a properly cared for Honda will last 15 years) and where I didn't know the date he supposedly winterized it I was a bit afraid. So after work I was off and mowing my 1.25 acre lot by Katie power (thank GOD part of that is a small forrest). Although being a 15 year old machine it vibrates a bit more and my hands were too sore to stitch :( The critters have played more tricks on my gardens, breaking one of my lillies :( and planting my daffodils in STRANGE spots (Under a pine tree in the middle of the back yard??).

I've been pretty run down lately, Alex's schedule was busy enough without the culminated stress from school and all the year end stuff. Factor in planning a pirate party and some days I'm looking at setting up an IV line of caffeine! Although a weekend trip to the Miramichi should recharge those batteries ;)

We had a pretty exciting mail day yesterday! No it wasn't the screws finally arriving for the bins (after a pretty ticked off phone call I found out they were shipped yesterday), it was a really cool post card from overseas. Thanks!! Alex has claimed it as his own and now wants to go there for vacation, he can dream on ;) I'm going to have to scrap book the around the world cards, they're just too neat ;)


Pumpkin said...

WOOHOO! It's lawn mowing time again! YUCK! Want to come and mow my four acres? ;o)

Maybe we should plan a stitching day to recharge?

Faith Ann said...

Ugh. We've got to get some gas and mow our lawn for the first time of the year too. My mom has already had hers mowed twice!