Monday, October 04, 2004

Jelly Anyone?

This weekend Alex and I headed over to the Northside of the city (and when you live 6km past the southmost limits of the city and then have to back track west due to the location of the bridge it's actually quite a drive) to visit with my grandmother Saturday morning to make some crabapple jelly. We did make a couple pit stops, one to market to pick up some additional crabapples to make jelly for ourselves later as when we made spiced crabapples with my grandmother we only ended up with two bottles, I definitely wanted more jelly than two bottles, some samosas, and a bbq'd sausage for me and some orange juice for little heart broken Alex as Tinsel the clown wasn't there, or maybe he's moved inside for the winter, I forgot to look... I'm also a sucker for punishment as I went into one of the local framing places which I've since come to find out is very inconsistent with their billing, grrr... Why??

We had a lovely morning making jelly and ended up with 6 jars!! I have no idea what we're going to do with the additional crabapples we purchased. Alex is in a phase where he talks from the second he wakes up until the second he falls asleep, and Saturday my head started to throb by lunch so I sent the boys outside and had a good sleep. Mind you if I hadn't of slept soo much this weekend I would have finished the Dragon of Earth.

I did get some decluttering done downstairs too this weekend, babysteps. The craft room is finally starting to shape up. I've even located my fabric to stitch my ornament for the exchange at retreat this year. Hopefully by tonight I'll be doing a Dragon of Earth HD, there's enough tv to tide me over...

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