Monday, September 13, 2004

Question of the week

Do you stitch small projects one at a time that you can finish quickly, have numerous large projects going at once that you rotate,or both? How does your current system work for you and have you thought about changing it?

I used to only stitch one project at a time but that was before I discovered all of the great little ornaments like the Christmyth series, Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition and all of the neat little kits from Mill Hill. I always have at least one large project on the go and have dedicated Wednesday nights to working on ones that I just couldn't keep interested in. When I have some frogging to do in my large project I take a break and stitch some on my current ornament (halloween or Christmas) which is hiding out in my purse. I keep it in there so that I can haul it out whenever I'm waiting, at the doctor's office, dentist or even while I'm waiting for DS after swimming lessons. I do break a bit from the normal schedule in August to finish any projects that I intend to enter in the local exhibition at the end of the month though...

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